Monitoring from the Cloud: Monitis versus In-House Monitoring Software - Page 2

2 Wasted Time: Every IT Manager€s Secret Problem There is a problem out there in IT-Land that is seldom spoken of, but just might be an IT manager€s greatest nemesis: wasted time . Nowhere is this problem more evident than in the realm of network and systems monitoring. Monitoring internal systems and networks, not to mention websites, are herculean tasks that often involve being stuck on-site, monitoring mundane, semi-automated processes that can continue into the wee hours of one€s day. It€s vital workjust not particularly productive work. Until recently, there have been no real solutions to liberate IT managers from being stuck at work monitoring these processes. All available solutions have been software-based and therefore inherently restrictive. Found Time: All-in-One, Integrated Monitoring from the Cloud In 2005 a handful of IT managers at Lycos/Europe had had enough of late nights stuck in some poorly lit back room waiting for monitoring processes to finish. They€d had enough ofmissing their kids€ concerts. And they certainly had had enough of their spouses bemoaning their work schedules. They wanted a life and they sensed other IT managers did, too. They soon realized that at the heart of this problem of wasted time was an outdated means of monitoring systems and networks. The existing tools, all software-based, inherently required someone to be physically present on-site. Sensing the potential of what was then the emerging Cloud, this small band of crusaders launched out on a new mission: to save IT managers all over the globe massive amounts of time. And so, Monitis was born.