Monash College magazine - Edition 1 Edition 1 - Page 9

M C Celebrating diversity Each year, Monash College welcomes students from more than 100 countries to its two Melbourne campuses. These students arrive in Australia ready to receive a world-class education while preparing for future success at Monash University and beyond. Their backgrounds may differ but these students all have two things in common: a desire to learn and a truly global outlook. Enter any Monash College classroom and you will see students from all over the world working and learning together. These students are defining the edge that will set them apart when they enter the workforce. They understand that an ability to learn from and work within different cultures will continue to play an important role in future workplaces. Students are also encouraged to learn more about each other. The College hosts a calendar of diversity events designed to allow students to celebrate events that are important to them, but also to share these events with the wider College community. M C “As a Monash College student, you get to know so many people from other countries you didn’t even know existed,” says Gursimran Singh Cheema, a Monash University Foundation Year Student from India. “You come to learn so much about different parts of the world – either through your friends or people you meet.” In 2015, students have participated in multiple activities designe