Monash College magazine - Edition 1 Edition 1 - Page 26

M C M C Four seasons in one day Melbourne is renowned for its changing seasons. Whether it is summer, spring, autumn or winter, it’s always good to be prepared. 24 25 Melbourne weather – Summer – Winter – Spring – All year round December to February June to August September to November Reem Alyousif, Saudi Arabia Polina Grinshpun, Ukraine “There are four seasons in one day, so that is something I don’t see very often anywhere in the world.” Khue (Stella) Nguyen, Vietnam “Regardless of the weather, always remember long-sleeved tops – when it’s sunny, you don’t get sunburnt, and when it’s cold, you stay warm.” “I love summer! Bring very light clothes, but always remember a jacket, as the weather can change fast!” Bo Hu, China “It’s great in winter because I can go skiing in the mountains.” Cheng Long Liew, Malaysia Autumn – “Winter is the best! I like it because my country doesn’t have a winter.” March to May Hamzah Almaslami, Saudi Arabia “My favourite season is autumn because I like the big change in the views. The leaves on the trees change colour and the weather is still nice.” Helena Nendongo, Namibia “What surprises me about the Melbourne weather is how fast it changes. My favourite season is winter – I love how cold it is… make sure you bring a warm jacket.” Charles Machini, Zimbabwe “Spring is my favourite because it’s half summer, half winter. Make sure you bring lots of sunscreen, a jacket and an umbrella.” Su Wati Htun, Myanmar “The weather is the best in spring; pack lots of shorts. Also, always make sure you carry water around with you to stay hydrated.”