Monash College magazine - Edition 1 Edition 1 - Page 25

M C Inner-city living at Urbanest Melbourne Central Student profiles Before you move in: things to consider Tong He (Lily) Do you want a single room or do you like to share with others? Country: China Receiving an offer to study at Monash College marks the beginning of a great adventure for thousands of students every year. It’s an exciting time for both students and their families, and one that Monash College students Yi Tong He (Lily) and Fan Chen (James) remember well. Program: Monash University English, Monash University Foundation Year M C Destination degree: Bachelor of Business Lives: Urbanest Melbourne Favourite place in Melbourne: Queen Victoria Market How close do you want to live to College? 22 23 “My parents were so happy for me,” recalls Lily as we chat in the student common lounge of her apartment building. James and Lily communicate with home regularly via Skype and say that their families are pleased with their accommodation choice. James agrees. “My family and my teachers were proud of me.” Fan Chen (James) Country: China Program: Monash University Foundation Year Destination degree: Bachelor of Sports Management Lives: Urbanest Melbourne Favourite place in Melbourne: Melbourne Cricket Ground It’s a typical Melbourne winter afternoon and James and Lily have both completed their classes for the day. They