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M C Inner-city living at Urbanest Melbourne Central Student profiles Before you move in: things to consider Tong He (Lily) Do you want a single room or do you like to share with others? Country: China Receiving an offer to study at Monash College marks the beginning of a great adventure for thousands of students every year. It’s an exciting time for both students and their families, and one that Monash College students Yi Tong He (Lily) and Fan Chen (James) remember well. Program: Monash University English, Monash University Foundation Year M C Destination degree: Bachelor of Business Lives: Urbanest Melbourne Favourite place in Melbourne: Queen Victoria Market How close do you want to live to College? 22 23 “My parents were so happy for me,” recalls Lily as we chat in the student common lounge of her apartment building. James and Lily communicate with home regularly via Skype and say that their families are pleased with their accommodation choice. James agrees. “My family and my teachers were proud of me.” Fan Chen (James) Country: China Program: Monash University Foundation Year Destination degree: Bachelor of Sports Management Lives: Urbanest Melbourne Favourite place in Melbourne: Melbourne Cricket Ground It’s a typical Melbourne winter afternoon and James and Lily have both completed their classes for the day. They’ve agreed to show MC magazine around Urbanest Melbourne Central – the student accommodation they have chosen to call home. When she’s not studying, Lily likes to cook in the apartment kitchen and sample the restaurants in Melbourne. She’s downloaded the popular Time Out Melbourne app and uses it to navigate Melbourne’s varied dining options. Located in the centre of Melbourne, the building is spacious and bright, and home to almost 500 students from around the world. The complex was completed in December 2014, and James and Lily are among the first students to enjoy the facilities. In his spare time, James plays basketball in the Docklands area of Melbourne. His ambition is to work in sport management, and it’s clear that he’s enjoying the sporting options available in Melbourne. Both agree that their ambition to study overseas has prepared them well for living independently away from home. Lily shares an apartment with eight other girls and shares a twin room. James shares an apartment with four students and sleeps in a single room. Each apartment includes a shared kitchen and lounge area, and shared en suite bathrooms. The building is located a quick 10-minute walk from Monash College’s city campus. “It’s great being near things,” says Lily, who names the Queen Victoria Market as her favourite place in Melbourne. “I like the MCG,” he says. “I attended a football match there and it was fun. I didn’t understand the rules, but it was interesting.” James and Lily communicate with home regularly via Skype and say that their families are pleased with their accommodation choice. As well as modern living areas, Urbanest also offers many recreational options. “I like running, so the rooftop gym is convenient,” Lily says. James also uses the gym, and both students enjoy the cinema room. “It’s nice to relax here when you have finished study,” James says. “Everyone is very friendly.” Will you eat at home often? Make sure you have a suitable kitchen. Once they graduate from Monash College, both students are looking forward to their life at university and share big dreams for their careers. For now, their focus is on study, making friends and enjoying living in Melbourne, recently named the world’s most liveable city by The Economist for the fifth consecutive year. “The staff at Monash College and Urbanest have been very helpful,” Lily says as our tour comes to an end. Check if the internet is included in the price. “Yes,” agrees James. “You can ask any question, and that helps a lot.”  earn more about accommodation L options in Melbourne: Make sure you speak to College staff, who can help you settle in.