Monash College magazine - Edition 1 Edition 1 - Page 20

M C M C 1 6 Go to the Queen Victoria Market Brunch 6 Fariha Khan 7 Yanrong (Viktoria) Qian “Brunch (breakfast + lunch). I like to go to cafes with my friends and talk about the entire past week, the things we did, and indulge in delicious food.” “I like to go to the Queen Victoria Market. I can enjoy different cultures, buy clothes, food and other products while talking with people of different nationalities.” 7 2 Take photos 8 See penguins Lan (Maggie) Yang 2 Xunazi (Joy) Wu “I like taking photos of the view and foods. Photos are a good way to record the life and happy moments while I study in Melbourne.” 1 “Go to see the penguins at St Kilda Beach. The penguins are wild and adorable.” 9 18 3 8 Watch films Find new restaurants Natalia Pineyro Ying (Amy) Meng “Watch films of all genres. It is a fun and relaxing way to spend the day and forget about stress.” “Find some new restaurants to eat at. I search online to find popular food in Melbourne and go with my friends.” 9 4 Take a day trip 3 Exercise 10 Xinyi (Kelly) Xi Suneta Ambika “Take a day trip. There are so many great things to see in and around Melbourne, and I want to travel a lot while I’m here.” “Go to the gym. Having a balanced life is essential, so I go to run, do yoga or pilates.” 4 10 5 Study Explore Van Hoang (Harry) Do “I like to walk around the city. It’s a good way to keep fit, explore and breathe fresh air.” 5 Weekend fun in Melbourne Yintong (Yentl) Liu “It’s not my favourite, but sometimes I need to finish all my assessments and homework. You have to if you care about getting HDs.” 19