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CONTENTS 6 10 18 Celebrating diversity Developing future leaders Weekend fun in Melbourne Explore how students from more than 100 countries embrace diversity and learn from each other. Monash College has a range of leadership programs designed to help students achieve their leadership goals. Students nominate their favourite things to do in Melbourne on their weekends. 2 12 Jo’s welcome 20 Aussie words and customs It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of MC, the Monash College magazine. Our students explore some interesting Australian phrases and tell us what surprised them most about life ‘Down Under’. 22 Learning in and out of the classroom A day in the life of Sunny 3 8 A new way to learn The Associate Director of Transition, Learning and Innovation, Anne Dwyer, discusses how Monash College programs are designed to engage students while also preparing them for university. Monash – a connected community We discover the many ways Monash College students connect with the wider Monash University community. 14 4 What is it like living in the center of Melbourne? Monash College students Yi Tong He (Lily) and Fan Chen (James) let us know. 24 Four seasons in one day Congratulations to our talented students and teachers. Melbourne is renowned for its four distinct seasons. We ask our students for their thoughts on the weather, what to wear and which Melbourne season they like the most. New global business degree ticks all the boxes Monash University’s Bachelor of International Business provides an accelerated study path and includes a 12-week internship or study abroad option. 17 Getting ready for Monash University My favourite place at the Melbourne City campus Inner-city living at Urbanest Melbourne Central Success stories 16 Monash College graduate Yohanes Chandra shares his top advice for students preparing to enter university. M C 26 Monash College around the world Wherever you are in the world, you have access to our world-class academic and English language programs. Explore our global networks. At Monash College, it is an honour to support our students on their journey to Monash University. Our college provides a global community right in the heart of Melbourne; a chance for students from more than 100 countries to learn not only from academic experts, but also from each other. This magazine offers a window into student life at Monash College. From classrooms and ski trips to cultural celebrations and academic awards, MC is your chance to see what life’s really like in our student community. One of the most rewarding aspects of our student-centred vision is seeing our students grow during their time with us. Over the past 20 years, we have supported tens of thousands of students in entering Monash University. Their energy and enthusiasm as they become our next generation of leaders is truly inspiring. In 2015, we have a record number of students enrolled in our college – a clear sign that Monash College is regarded by many students as the best way to access our university. It’s also a strong sign of Monash University’s high international regard – a fact of which we are very proud. As a graduate of Monash University myself, I can confirm that the opportunities a Monash education presents are great. Beyond academia – beyond excellence – our value lies in the strength of our graduates. Welcome to their world. 28 Melbourne or... Take our challenge and see if you can pick out Melbourne when we put it side-by-side with other cities. – Jo Mithen Chief Executive Officer, Monash College 1