Monash College magazine - Edition 1 Edition 1 - Page 15

M C Learning in and out of the classroom Ancora Imparo – “Students are not just observers; they are participants in their own education. Integrating technology in education helps students self-regulate their learning and allows them to use their own devices, manipulate content in a more interactive way and confidently contribute to classroom activities.” – 12 Sezer Yazar Foundation Year maths and biology teacher True to the Monash motto ‘Ancora Imparo’ (“I am still learning”), our Foundation Year students are always learning. Whether they are in the classroom, attending a workshop, playing the guitar, or spending time with their classmates, there is always an opportunity to learn something new. Learning outside the classroom As part of each subject’s curriculum, students learn important theory and complete assignments where they can apply their knowledge. To complement the class work and further enhance their understanding, Foundation Year students often leave the classroom and the campus and go on a field trip. During geography field trips, for example, students learn about the processes and impacts of urbanisation, the natural value and human uses of coastal environments, and explore how the human and natural worlds interact. Through participation in these excursions, students are able to link theory with practice to solidify their knowledge. Technology inside the classroom Our teachers understand that interested students are engaged students. By incorporating technology and interactivity into the classroom, our Foundation Year students are able to learn important theory, while having fun. The sound of music Each semester, more than 50 students choose to study music as one of their Foundation Year subjects. Music coordinator Jane Hampson says: “Students who study music find that it helps them to develop parts of their intellect and memory that they do not develop or use in other subject areas. It also helps them to relieve stress and gain focus.” As part of the subject, our students can choose voice, guitar, piano or flute as their instrument, and have the opportunity to perform in front of their classmates, teachers and sometimes even the public. Using Facebook to connect to the world Who said social media couldn’t be educational? Our globalisation students have been using Facebook in the classroom as a way of using technology to connect with real-life events and their classmates overseas. Foundation Year students in Australia and Mala \