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I’ve had the great privilege in my life of sitting with I can only see the results of it. enlightened Masters and what all the Masters showed me is who we are as humans, that our essence is In doing a journey process, when we open into this a great, huge divine potential and sitting with the vast, boundless fi eld of the Infi nite Intelligence, is at Masters I realized this is who we are. that deepest level that the transformation and trans- mutation happens. I have no doubt that it aff ects the I’m grateful for The Journey because it gave me a direct molecules of the brain, because what we are is made means to open into this vast boundless presence of up of consciousness itself. my own soul and to clear anything that blocks me or holds me back on any level of being and to live We are nothing but molecules and so the plasticity of authentically as this Freedom. the brain is, I believe, very much aff ected by healing The Masters are the ones who are this model of what’s cally say I know that to be true. at the level of consciousness. And so I can’t scientifi - possible for all of us as human beings. It has been the greatest privilege of my life to sit at the feet of Masters MA: At the Integral Studies Academy we consider and bathe in their wisdom and their Divine Grace. that the true knowledge already exists in conscious- ness and the role of the educator is to support the MA: In Advaita Vedānta, Brahman is the fundamental unveiling of this for the student. From this perspec- reality underlying all objects and experiences. Brah- tive could and how can The Journey help students in man is explained as pure existence, pure conscious- the learning process? ness and pure bliss. Would you say that the healer behind all healing is God? BB: What is beautiful, as I always say to people that this is not about sitting at the feet of the Guru, this BB: Yes. I would say that this Infi nite Presence is what is about fi nding the Guru within. we open into, this True Consciousness and Bliss. We all open into our own Infi nite Self and it has many names My direct living experience and, I think, of the tens of but it could easily go by Brahman. It could easily go thousands of people who do The Journey or hundreds by the name of God, Infi nite and this omnipresent of thousands that done The Journey, that the method Love. Call it what you will. gives you access to your own Infi nite Intelligence. That is where all knowledge resides. Not ‘book knowledge’ It is by opening into that deepest level of being, into but pure knowing resides. this that is the source of all creation, that we can get access to the cell memories and the emotion blocks So I believe The Journey was born from that fi eld that are stored in our body and go through a process of intelligence and that there was just a download of releasing, letting go. But ultimately what does the really from the Universe of this method. I don’t be- healing is Source itself, the Infi nite itself. I’m not aware lieve it’s even my method, I believe that the Infi nite of any other method that opens you into the Source downloaded this method so that we could all fi nd that allows all the transformation that happened at a way to get in touch with the Infi nite Knowing that that depth of being. It’s why The Journey has such provides all of life. profound lasting results. Because you’re healing at the deepest level, at the level of consciousness MA: Would you share with us the results of The Jour- ney in schools. I know The Journey is used in schools MA: On the brink of the 21th century, neurosciences and that you have this wonderful ongoing program. are replacing traditional defi nitions of the human condition. At the physical level does The Journey work BB: Yes it is and has been in schools. I’ll take the Min- use the neuroplacity of the brain or does it work in istry of Education in Israel as an example. What was a diff erent way? beautiful about that particular program is that the whole ministry of the ministers in charge of the high BB: I don’t know the answer to that question. The schools and the grade schools, and the one in charge reason I say that is because I can’t see what’s going on of the accounts department, the school counsellors, in the brain when a journey process has happened. every one of them undergo The Journey for a year. Monad 5 / 2017 | Page 9