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that’s coming up and in a non-personal way, just allow younger woman and left me for this younger woman. it to fully bloom and open, going to the core of it and And I had to fi nd out that actually who I am can’t be stay still in the core of that emotion, it will naturally found in my relationships. And then, I had to lose kind of release you into a deep emotion. my job and fi nd out that who I am can’t be found in my job. That who I am is not based on where I live, And if you just keep opening, relaxing with the emo- who I am married to, whether I’m ill or not, whether tion, eventually you’ll fi nd yourself opening into your anyone likes me. own soul, into a vast boundless presence of light. Of freedom. Of love that is your own essence. The greatest transformation that I’ve had is coming home to the love that I am. Discovering that people The key to being present and living in the moment is come and people go, lifestyles come and lifestyles go, welcoming whatever is here. Instead of indulging our houses come and houses go, jobs come and jobs go, strategies of avoidance, we open with whatever is here marriages come marriages go. and that is the gateway to Truth. To stillness. To the soul. And then there’s this that does not come and does not MA: What has been the biggest transformational go, this that is the soul, this that is my own essence. lesson for you? Could you please share it with us? So if there is one theme that has been current and BB: I can’t say there’s one thing that’s been the biggest continually teaching me is that I am the Freedom transformation lesson. Because there’ve been a lot that I’m seeking and that nothing outside me can of key, very strong things that have happened in my give me myself. life. Where I ended up getting a tumor and part of the gift of that tumour is that I found a way for all of us So The Journey gave me a means to come home and to go on our own journeys and get access to the cell live authentically as my true self. memories inside. To clear whatever it is our soul here to learn in this life, to really meet the stored pain, the MA: This feels so deep, thank you. Would you share stored cell memories and to release what’s there and with us the role of spiritual guides such as Papaji, in understand what’s there and to forgive and fi nally to your life? come to a place of wholeness. BB: You know, I’ve been ve