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some machineries, mechanisms or devices, which had As unbelievable as it might seem to some people, we been previously presented in Science-Fiction books. may say that creative ideas already exist in the Uni- verse and are just waiting to be perceived by minds We can hardly imagine a writer anticipating the future that are suffi ciently open to bring them to light and of science or technology. Literature has no apparent put them into practice. connection to these exact fi elds. Art is considered non-scientifi c and many times non-technical. Never- theless, there are numerous examples of “visionary” Where to fi nd our biological clock authors who, in their Science-Fiction writings, have Considering all of the above, this question is asked: anticipated certain aspects in the evolution of our “What is the connection between non-time and our society; they described it sometimes in such detail biological time? When and how does a visionary or a that they inspired various researchers and inven- scientist perceive a new idea?” tors who had both the knowledge and the materials needed to actually build them, so that we can enjoy In order to fi nd our biological timer, in 1977, a team them in the present day. of Russian researchers conducted an ultra-secret ex- periment under the supervision of Gheorghi Lozanov, Some authors have imagined where their social con- who was closely monitored of course by the KGB (the temporary tendencies would lead, along with the recent Soviet Union security agency). With the support of discoveries in the fi eld of science and technology. For the University in Novorosisk, they built a bunker deep instance, ever since 1980, William Gibson (the inven- in the mountains and blocked all its connections to tor of the concept of “cyber space”) revolutionized the the outside world. Furthermore, with the purpose of general perception on personal freedom. He is known modifying the telluric magnetism, they created a false for his surprising stories which illustrate the visions of magnetism, continuous and homogenous, and, in order a global society, hyper-connected to technology, where to stop the ultra-violet emissions of the earth (which hackers and surprising events are at the same time a was also a discovery of the Russian research centres), part of everyday life. they coated the interior with quartz tiles. Already pos- sessing the knowledge that biological nature com- When carefully studying the evolution of physics and municates between species, they intended to create science, one is able to observe that there are quite a few a psychological trap; they used several channels that discoveries which, in the beginning, were considered would continuously broadcast a neutral background mere speculations and were laughed at. Therefore, and, as much as it was possible, they left no clue for the this means that the persons creating these spectacu- humans in the bunker to tell or perceive the passing lar writings, indeed have an active “sensor” and can of the time. The following observation was reached: “read” the future. for a certain period of time, the person inside the Monad 5 / 2017 | Page 5