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Science and Spirituality Series Scientific Creation or Artistic Creation? Article by Zoltán Marosy Phd. Eng. Univ. Lect. Marosy Zoltán István; Integral Studies Academy, London, England; Ecological University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania “Life is your chance to express the Self in the most exciting and creative way possible.” – Richard Bach Where is the real source of creativity? Being creative and discovering new things does not happen by chance and is not a singular event. Cre- Summary ativity and innovation are essentially a way to attain eternity by using the innate abilities of the human We live in a world that off ers us the possibility to open being. By simply existing, every person is prepared our mind towards profound truths. Every single day, to be touched by God through a creative and innova- there are events happening that astonish people and tive nature. It is up to each human being to choose phenomena occurring on the globe that defy the laws whether to follow this impulse or not and whether of physics. We can choose to consider that it is not to live permanently open toward the touch of divine of any interest for us, and hence to lose sight of the eternity. By living in a continuous state of creativity, existent miraculous, or we can deepen in introspec- a person’s entire life settles on its natural track, the tion and, this way, to discover that only imagination essential divine path of his destiny. This is how the can sometimes explain a given situation. human being becomes creative and innovative, solely by virtue of his own nature, simply through his own From this perspective, it is obvious that there is a existence. signifi cant diff erence between: continuously living according to scientifi c principles and living life with Most of the researchers seek to discover the newness a spiritual opening, just as in a mythical, fairy-tale only within their fi eld. Nevertheless, the majority world where we can fl y around, swim with dolphins of inventors have had training either in a diff erent without an oxygen mask, or have the possibility to scientifi c fi eld (than the one of the invention), or, at travel at the speed of thought on any planet in our best, in an interrelated branch. A famous inventor is solar system. one that studies and gathers knowledge from more scientifi c areas. From the perspective of increasing the Paradoxically, it is this very imagination that has been potential of human creativity, interdisciplinary work is leading science forward, science that at a certain point a desideratum, not an alternative. We need to have a along the way becomes &vBbvR'&VF&VvFRw&2vVFvRbFRv&BFB7W'&VG0F6vbƖ֗FFBVW7&VFfGƗfRFVW2B7&V6VBGFVFFFRVVF@vR֖vBGW&WBF&R&F'F7G2B66VF7G267W"WfW'7FBbW"ƗfW2ƖRBFR6RFRFW&R27W'&6rf7B6W'F66VFf2Vf&ФWv&G3fF&v6FR66V6RBVG27V6f6ǒFBFW&R&R6WfW&7V7F7V 7&GVƗGF66fW&W266Ɨ6VB2&W7VBbFR&VƖVbvRBBR#p