MONAD 6 - Page 3

4 Marosy Zoltán István: The Science and Spirituality Series 18 The Scientifi c Creation or the Artistic Creation 7 11 14 16 Maria A Gutoi: Interview with Brandon Bays The Journey Method and its connection with modern science and education Irina E Childs: A Special Photo Chronicle A Natural Meeting of Minds and Hearts – ISA and P.E.M.S. collaborating in education Niloma Emmanuel: Happiness at Work A personal approach to fi nding happiness at work Constantin Tanase: The Laughter Therapy A non invasive way to heath using the power of laughter Lucian Mândrea: Body, Soul and Energy – the Complete Human Being A scientifi c research into the wholeness of human being 24 25 27 Editorial Team: Children’s View on Life Matters Correspondence from students of P.E.M.S., India Monad team: In the HighLight series Introducing Viorica Morosan – Literature and Language Associate Niloma Emmanuel: Integral Learning Study Tricks of the Trade