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Integral Learning Study Tricks of the Trade Article by Niloma Emmanuel I’ve studied for several exams as a student and easy, you are probably not learning. I’ve often read throughout my career. I also have experience as books or watched documentaries on complicated a teacher in a college teaching maths and spent a scientifi c theories, presented by talented writers or lot of time trying to understand the most effi cient speakers. It leaves me with the sense of understanding methods of study. this complicated theory with no academic background in the subject. For example reading Brian Cox’s book This is the fi rst article in a series on Integral Learning, E=MC 2 , was enjoyable and I was delighted with myself beginning with general tips as well as wider well-being that I was absorbing the work of Einstein. However, if and lifestyle tips. Yes, they all impact your process you asked me to explain General Relativity, it would of learning. Once we’ve covered the basics, the next soon be obvious how little I have learnt from that book. article will continue with the theme of learning, going deeper into techniques that experts in the fi eld of Breaks – plan your study session with small breaks. education claim to be the most effi cient. Diving the hour into 50 minute study slots with 10 minute breaks works well for me, though I don’t Study tips restrict myself if I’m in the fl ow and achieving a lot. Short ten minute breaks for exercise, food or relax- Firstly as you learn new information, certain practical ation can improve your concentration levels for the tools can enhance your productivity. The list below rest of the day, avoiding burnout. is not exhaustive, but are my personal favourites. Discuss – selfi shness can creep in when studying Use fl ashcards – you want to exercise your ‘recall’ if you are the more knowledgeable person in your memory as much as possible. Write a word or phrase peer group. However, peer learning has shown to be on one side and the answer on the other. This has benefi cial to both parties. Discussing a topic with a a two-fold benefi t. The kinesthetic motion o ܚ][Y\[ZY[\Y[[ܞHو]XˈH\ۂ[[[HY[[ܚ^H[H\HوH\\\[H]Y\[ۜ\[YY[HX\^B[]H[H[ܝ[]HX[[\ۛYKHH]Y\[ۜ[H\\[ۋH\\Bۈ\ܘY[H^[Z[HZ\[\[[قHZ[8$]8&\X\H[]Z[[\HX\^HܛHH^[][ۋYY[›\[HXZ\\\[[[ZY[\H\X\]YYYH\\HX\[X][ۈق[[ˈH\[ܘ\\[Hۈ]\H]\[H]H[\HXܛYBܙ[][ۛ\H]HX]H\H\HX[]H^Z[][][\H^\[[šY]Y\[ۙY ZH\وH[Y[[ۈHHH[\\X^[][ۈ]]H\Hو[B[YXHو\\]XYܘ[\[^Hܙ[\HXYH\ۈZ]XH܈H^H]YY[K]\[][\[Xܙ\][K]Z[Y^[][ۜ\[^\\Z[KYY[[\XY[8$]Y[H]YY[[K\XY[Y]H[YHX\B\X[[ XZ[\š[ˈ][XX[HH[\\\]XYH[H^HY]Y8$[XH[H[[ܙHX\Kو8&Y[x&KHX\H]X[HYH\ٝ[Y\XHۛH]\܈\[XK{ Z[KXZ\Z[܈X\[ˈ\H[\[[KY]Y[\[[XH[X[HHH[\ۛۈBYH [ۘY H M