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In Figure 8, we depicted the energy shells of each Another typical example is the development of ill- hand’s fi ngers of the article’s fi rst author. We can nesses such as gastritis, ulcers, and possibly a perfo- conclude that, again as in in Figure 6, the shells are rated ulcer. Due to ongoing concerns related to facts very consistent and without breaks. or situations which create unfavorable emotions, the translucent orb points the energy as a directional Figure 8. The hand’s fi ngers energy shells for the beam which destroys the energy shell, it injures tis- article’s fi rst author recorded in July 2016 sues and it prepares the human body for diseases. Afterwards, the bacteria will do their job. In case The results gathered in July 2016 clearly refl ect an of weak emotions, gastritis appears, while in case additional activity of the analyzed subject, the article’s of strong emotions ulcer appears. Obviously, if the fi rst author, when compared to a human’s ordinary emotions are even stronger and the subject does not activities, in order to maintain a continuous health fi nd a way to get out of the unwanted situation, then and a special balance of the human being. perforated ulcer develops. The lack of preoccupation for the position of the In cases of even greater annoyances related to life translucent glowing orb inside the body corresponds in general, the upwards shifting of the translucent with the loss of the control and, very possibly, with orb inside the body is higher, for example, up to the the beginning of an illness. fourth energy center. The directed energy by the translucent orb can weaken the lungs and you can In case of unfavorable emotions, the translucent orb end up with lung cancer. leaves easily the abdomen and shifts upwards inside the physical body. It could arrive at the top of the head, There are methods which can return the translucent through where it may leave away from the body in par- orb back to its natural location, the second energy ticular circumstances. There are persons who report, center. A common method is the abdominal breath- for example, a feeling of emptiness inside the stomach. ing, which obviously improves the person’s breath, If it is frequent, this feeling needs to be compensated but without the subject knowing it, facilitates the somehow and so t H\ۈY[X] \H[H۝\Y[وH[X[ܘ{ \H[[ZXK۝[[ۘ[YYX[H\ۛ^Z[]][\HHXوHH[X\XH\ݙ\H\\Y]܈\[[X[ܘ[YHHXY[]\[Y]Y { Y[[^][ۋH[\H\[\HB]\]HY]]H[[[ۜ\HH]\K]]Y[ۈYXH[X[ܘYH [ۘY H M