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Figure 5. The balance of the article’s fi rst author re- By means of the EPI Device, the data referring to corded in July 2016. the general health and the state of diff erent organs were obtained. By comparing the results from 2015 and 2016, we can notice that even if the subject has advanced in The state of the internal organs during the same age with one year, the energy parameter value has session, July 2016, for the article’s fi rst author, is pre- increased with more than 2%, from 62,81% to 65,03%, sented in Figure 7. The red line represents the health while the balance parameter value has also increased state parameter, while the orange one represents the with more than 1,5%, from 98,32% to 99,84%. From energy reserve level, which means how much energy the results obtained in July 2016, in Figure 6, we de- the body is expected to have in the near future. picted the energy shell of the article’s fi rst author. It has no breaks, being very consistent. As long as the health parameter values stay on the green zone they are optimal. We can notice that the red line is around the middle of the green zone. The energy values range between the green zone and light beige one which means there is a normal to high level of energy and the subject is in very good health and has very good expectance for the near future. The two lines are far away from the burgundy color shade center zone which corresponds to the illness Figure 6. The energy shell of the article’s fi rst author states and even far from the next orange zone which recorded in July 2016 refl ects the beginning of some health problems. Figure 7. The organs state for the article’s fi rst author recorded in July 2016 Monad 5 / 2017 | Page 21