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We are delighted to bring to you the 6 th number of the MONAD magazine. As our magazine continues to present a new perspec- tive of integral epistemology in the fi elds of science, culture, literature, health, music, architecture, spirituality, art and phi- losophy - we are constantly grateful to all our collaborators and contributors for supporting this endeavor. Recently I have been asked by someone to explain what I un- derstand by the word integral and what is that integral stands for at the Integral Studies Academy. Integral epistemology in our view is that which includes both the esoteric as well as exoteric knowledge. Only in this way a certain subject or seg- ment of reality can be explored, made sense and understood in its entire context. This exploration completed correctly leads the searcher to the reality beyond multiple facets, to the silent source beyond all knowledge. MONAD 6 continues our series on Science & Spirituality, Under Publisher’s Letter the Light and the Series opened for children publishing by cor- respondence; in this number we have 2 exceptional contributions that have reached our editorial team all the way from Odisha State in India. Also in this number we are delighted to have had the chance of an exclusive interview with the international speaker and bestsell- ing author Brandon Bays in dialogue with our integral therapist in residence, Mrs. Maria Gutoi. Another special feature is the extended research introduced by Dr Mandrea and his research team on the link between body and mind. The recently launched Series around geniality and the importance of the state of genius in education will be continued in the fi rst number of 2018. With this short introduction, our editorial team and the Academy staff wish you all a joyfull Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! May that 2018 bring peace and love in each and every being. Irina E Childs Monad – The Academy Magazine Publisher: Integral Studies Academy Editing Coordinator: Niloma Emmanuel Cover: Floarea Tutuianu © Copyright Integral Studies Academy 2017