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The second presented video footage processing is this center is the main center of the emotions. This performed and the result is depicted in Figure 2. This statement has a crucial importance for our health and time the glowing translucent orb is returning and it also for other things related to our person. enters back into the body, again at the head level. Because the soul is alive, it moves. Because it moves, it can be felt by everybody. Because it can be felt, it can be controlled. And most importantly, if you control it, you have full control. Only then you have full control. Otherwise, the emotions will aff ect you. The most frequent sensation described in bad situa- tions is: ”I felt a kind of an emptiness in my stomach”. Other sensations are described as: ”It seems to me that I felt a node in my stomach”, ”It is as if somebody punched me in the stomach”, ”I felt something like a clew in my stomach”, ”My stomach turns upside down” or even ”I have butterfl ies in my stomach”, for the lovers. All these sentences justify our previ- Figure 2. The arrival trajectory of the glowing trans- ous statement. lucent orb Feeling the things a little diff erently, the criminologist These videos have the purpose to demonstrate that lieutenant Joe Kenda from the crime documentary sometimes the glowing orb travels during the night. television series ”Homicide Hunter”, which airs on the It does not get out of the body only when we die. Investigation Discovery network, analyzing a horrible multiple crime, told the others ”My stomach dropped”. This glowing orb can be called spirit, soul or just Well, of course the stomach cannot drop, because it entity. We prefer to call it soul because, as you will has nowhere to drop. For usual persons this sentence see, we shall refer especially to what can be felt. The means nothing. They neglect it. They get over it. For glowing orb represents in fact our essence and is us this statement means all. It signifi es, instead, that made of a fi ner material, so it can move very easily the soul tries to escape the cruel reality by shifting inside the body. upwards and, eventually, gets out of the body. There are other authors who suppose that the glowing Proving the existence of the soul and taking into ac- orb is in fact our soul [2, 3, 4, and 5]. The important count the possibility to occupy with it another body in thing is that using this orb inside the body, we can the next life, it is useless to spend money to preserve perform various actions in order to repair ourselves the actual body by freezing it. For example, three of and to have full control. our colleagues, professors from Oxford University, spend uselessly around 200000 dollars to freeze their Because the glowing orb has a very small mass, its bodies after their death, thinking of a future revival. natural location inside the body is in the lowest region It is as if I had an old used coat, partially eaten by of the body. This position corresponds to the second moths and I put it in a sealed plastic bag to wear it energy center of the body, also called the orange gate, after many years. Why should I do that if I can take placed in the abdomen. This location also corresponds a new one? They do not need even to freeze their to the minimum potential energy of the orb inside heads, as others do. the body. In older Asian texts, about 3000 years ago, it is stated that the second energy center represents If somebody is afraid, it is better to know that the the location of the soul inside the body, because it is soul carries with it all the information from this life, the fi rst center of the emotions. so nothing is lost. When the soul gets out of the body during sleep, it communicates with other entities. We are rephrasing this statement. We can say that, This is why you can have in the morning answers at because the natural location of the soul inside the hu- your problems, not because you became cleverer man body corresponds to the second energy center, during the night. Monad 5 / 2017 | Page 19