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Body, Soul and Energy — The Complete Human Being Article by Professor Lucian Mândrea and his research team, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania “The most diffi cult thing in the world is to know yourself.” – Thales of Miletus The glowing translucent orb The fi rst experiment shows that from time to time, during sleep, the soul of the human being can exit Introduction Very often the doctors struggle to solve our health the body. A video camera has been installed in the bedroom and the fi rst author’s activity has been monitored. problems thinking only about our physical body. This limitation of the classical medicine brings into discus- Figure 1 presents a processed image resulting from sion the human being as an entity. The overtaking successive overlapping frames of a recorded video of the usual world’s boundaries reveals the human footage that lasts a few seconds. being as a more complex structure, with body, soul and an energy shell. The trajectory of a moving glowing translucent orb is presented with a curve. The orb is getting out of The authors present original videos which show the the body by starting from the upper part of the head exit and t