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millennia, is the theoretical and practical approach of a daily continuous practice, laughter will release en- the Yoga system, specifi cally the Yama and Nyama- dorphins in our bodies, which in their turn annihilate the ethical and moral decalogue that represents the stress, uncertainty, suff ering and doubt. Once out of foundation of the Yoga practice. the suff ering circle, your body and soul will be reborn. Meditation, introspection, prayer and calling on an- Wayne Dyer says: “It is impossible for you to be angry gelic entities, phytotherapy (herbal therapy) and many and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are more. mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either.“ One of the simplest methods within reach, even for anyone reading these lines right now, is tonic laughter. A new positive energy will replenish our life, bringing joy. Joy with no reason, delight, the feeling of being To feel joy and to laugh with all our being, as often as at ease with ourselves and fi nally peace. possible and on every occasion life off ers; it might be at jokes, funny happenings, comedies, plays or books. Peace of mind and heart will attract our consciousness We cannot miss the opportunity to laugh at ourselves, towards contemplation and mediation. And out of at the situations that might seem frustrating, at our mediation will arise, at fi rst timidly, but then to grow silliness and our faults, at the false teachers and their vigorously, the intimate understanding and experi- crazy teachings, at the demons pushing us towards ence of being in unity with the Whole, Everything, evil, at the stupidity invading our society, at disease, All. This experience will bring along the fi rst genuine at unhappiness, at the momentary state of being state of happiness. Happiness that was never absent captive and with no way out. This change of attitude from our hearts, but merely covered by the tireless towards life, viewing it as a theatre play instead of fuss of the mind. being its victims, will change our perspective and will become our open window towards the sun. As a result, the light of understanding will allow us to see better within all the corners of our soul. Did you know?  Laughter is contagious in same way as yawning is. It will empower us with courage to look inside our deepest places, where in time we stored traumas, frustrations and suff ering, and then, to also decide what to do with them. Should we keep them or let them go immediately?  One study found that people laugh seven times for every 10 minutes of conversation  A stroke can take away the ability to speak, but leaves the person able to laugh and cry  In cross-gender conversations, females laughed 126% more than their male counterparts This will awaken hope in our souls, will heal both the (According to a study by linguist Deborah Tannen) spiritual heart and the physical one. This laughter should never cease. So, aim to laugh daily at least 3 To be continued, with the presentation of practical times, then 5 times and why not even 10 times. As methods. Monad 5 / 2017 | Page 17