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The Alchemy of Laughter Article by Constantin Tanase Part I “Superfi cial laughter drains us. Authentic, genuine laughter gives us resilience.” – Dr Shyam Bhat piness to reaching certain goals, desires, acquiring material goods (houses, cars, business etc.), profes- sional functions or social statuses and last but not least to establishing and consolidating relationships “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin with other human beings. This is how, day by day, hour by hour, mistaking “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” – Mark Twain pleasure and comfort for happiness, we run about in all directions hoping that just maybe we will hit the jackpot and fi nally obtain the much longed-for happi- ness. Consequently, we gradually lose our spontane- According to the Oxford Living dictionary, alchemy ity, the childlike state disappears, and as years go by is a seemingly magical process of transformation, we fi nd ourselves uptight, tense, overstressed, old creation or combination. In this article, we will look before our age, sick and unhappy. Having reached at this magical process of transformation that is trig- this place of maximum rigidity, we are stone-hearted gered inside of us through laughter. and almost hopeless and only a miracle can save us. This miracle is the awareness of the state we are in, The origins of laughter lose themselves somewhere as well as the understanding that we need to take in the beginning of creation. Scientists have st Ցѥɽѡ Ѽ͍ѥ٥مɥ)٥ȁٔɕͥѡЁѡɥѥ́ѡѕȁɕ́ѡЃq՝ѕȁ)eЁ́ɥ͔ѡЁх́ѡЁt)ݕݥѠх䁙ɴ͕͍͹̰)Ս̰͕̰̰́݅́́Qɔɔչѱ́ѡ́ݔ䁥ɑ)ɱ䁵Ёمɥ́́՝ѕȸѼȁЁȁɥ䰁́)ɵ丁ȁхݔ͔Ѽݸѡ)Aѡȁɸ՝ɽɱ䁥䰁ͽȁѕѼɕ͔ݡɔݡЁ݅)ѡٕѼѡЁ٥ѡ́ݽɱݡݔٔɽѼхЁхѥ)QѡȁݥѠѡ͕ɕ͕مѥѥаѡԴѡͥє݅聡ձ䁅ɵͱ䰁ѡ)́ɕѕݥѡѡȁͅѥȁх́ݥѠɥѕ́ѥ̸)͍͹́ѡѡЁȁɕѡɽչ)ɅѥѼ̸ٔ)ѡȁ ЁѡɅѥЁѡɔ)́ѡݽɱ́ѡЁѕ䁅)ѡɽ՝Ёȁѥݔɔե͕ٕ́Ѽѡ٥]ݥѡѡ)̰ѡ՝Ёѡѥݔɔչ݅ɔѡ̸Ѽȁ̰ݡݔ͔Ѽٔѡɕ͕)ЁѼѡ᥵մ́Ս́ͥ)Uչѕ䰁ՔѼѡٕչх)ݥѡЁͥɕ̸)͕䁽ȁͽ䀡͍䰁ɍ̴)ьЁѡѥѡȁ)A؁5Ԁ)=ɔѡݡ́Ʌѥ彝́