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Happiness at Work Article by Niloma Emmanuel I often sit through long meetings at work. A recent time or even less time compared to when I previously two-hour lunch session left me feeling bored, resent- stayed in the offi ce all day. The walk will put you in a ment for wasting my lunch break and I even started positive mood and clear your mind, increasing your to feel like I didn’t belong. mental capacity. You might even go back to the offi ce inspired with a creative new idea. This shocked me. Most of the time, I enjoy the work I do and I like my colleagues, so I started to research If it’s chucking down with rain, I fi nd a café with a good methods to increase happiness at work. I wanted to view and have a cup of tea, soaking up the scene. remove or at least reduce the time I felt any negativ- On a warm day, I do minimal walking and sit on a ity like this. Though the general consensus seems to park bench or a mat and sun bathe. Being amongst be ‘seek happiness in your personal life and accept nature is the key to the exercise. As a city girl myself, some level of misery at work’, I am determined to I personally fi nd this practice has the most dramatic avoid this distinction and aim for happiness in all my eff ect on my day. aspects of my life. Physically leaving the work environment can also Everyone, regardless of job title can increase hap- help give you perspective of your overall life and not piness at work. The fi rst step is to become aware of get dragged into thinking work is the most important any negative states as they arise. You can only change part of it. When you’re absorbed in it all day long, it’s aspects you know about. In general, the mind-set in easier to think that meeting all your deadlines is the which you approach every day and each task within priority, ahead of your well-being and family time. your day, will have the most signifi cant eff ect on how happy you feel and subsequently how much energy Exercise 2: Carry out three conscious acts of kind- you have. Being stressed or bored is just too draining. ness througho ]H^K]]^X][ۈ܂[][[]\H]H[Yܘ]YH[^XX\[^Bܚ^K]XXXH[YH˂[وH\[YH[HYH\[܈YKBۙH[H\[YH[HXZ]YH\[ [^\\H NZHH L LZ[]H[\[Y[Y\HY[[ܙHH[HXو][[\˜H]\K[Y\\\\\[\\X[Y˂]8&\[[YHX[Y[HZHH[[HZYH܈^[\KHX][HHH[›و[\ܚ[^KY\\۸&]XKY\ܚ]H^HH\Z][\܈H]H\^HX]\ˈH[[[[^\XXHۈHZ[Y][Y\H^H]H\Z]܂\\ۈHXX^\ˈ]Y\]8$]8&\^HX[KX\[^\]X\XX]Y X[[[H[[YHH]H[ \\\ZH\]HH]]H{ XۈB\[YH[Y][ۘ[H]YH[HܙX][ \\[ܙKHHH[H[ܙH{ Y[[HY\Bۈ[\]H^H\[H[YH[[[قYH M[ۘY H M‘^\\H ΈY[HYY]YHۙYY][