MONAD 6 - Page 13

Our fi rst audience was formed by highly qualifi ed pro- fessors that teach the A level students of the school. The second day we had the delight of meeting al- most 300 of the P.E.M.S. students who have shown a great sagacity for knowledge and a great sense of wit and humor. The panel exchanges some moments of enchant- ment as we prepare for the student’s introduction to ISA courses. After meeting with parents, we have been invited to attend a yoga session performed by the students of the school. The teachings of the great sages of Kriya Yoga lineage can be heard in the walls of the Bhubaneswar Kriya Yoga Ashram and school: “It is the Spirit of God that actively sustains every form and force in the universe; yet He is transcendental and aloof in the blissful uncre- ated void beyond the worlds of vibratory phenomena,” Sri Yukteswarjee Master explained. “Saints who real- ize their divinity even while in the fl esh know a similar twofold existence. Conscientiously engaging in earthly work, they yet remain immersed in an inward beatitude.” P.E.M.S. students being interiorized and performing Kriya Yoga meditation. When one enters a room where hundreds of people, and in this very case young teenagers meditate in unison, the feeling experienced is one of profound awe and inner silence. According to Sri Yukteswarjee, ancient yogis discov- ered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is in- timately linked with breath mastery. This is India’s unique and deathless contribution to the world’s treasury of knowledge. The life force, which is ordi- narily abso