MONAD 6 - Page 12

Students, teachers and close disciples of Swami Shan- karananda Giri have waited for ISA team at the airport, off ering us a heart welcoming surprise. It is not often that one travels to India, and visiting this country of such spiritual heritage can be bewildering for the souls of westerners, but when the welcoming is done in such “home from home” manner, the eff ects have been unforgettable for us. The welcoming surprise has continued with our arrival at the P.E.M.S. headquarters - where several students have enchanted us with shankha, the conch shell that has very strong connection with the Hindu religion. It is said that when shankha is blown it announces the victory of good over evil. The joy continued with meeting Swami Shanka- rananda Giri, Swami Kalikananda Giri, Mr. N. Prasad (Principal of the school) and other school dignitaries, as well as Ms. Shivangi Saraswati who has organized much of our arrival, to its perfection. At Integral Studies Academy both lecturers and students are engaged in practical transformational programs that aim at increasing the natural state of happiness, as the main base of a creative and fulfi lled life. This deep understanding of complexities of lives and education from an all-encompassing perspec- tive is also the basis of the collaboration between P.E.M.S.- Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust and the Integral Studies Academy. Having agreed to schedule 3 days of consecutives meetings with hundreds of teachers, students and parents of P.E.M.S, meant that we had soon started with the series of meetings from our short visit. The joy and common interests have kindled more hap- piness amongst our participants; here is shown the fi rst day of our meetings with Swami Shankarananda Giri, Mrs. Irina Childs and the principal entering the Festivities Hall, followed by Ms. Shivangi Saraswati, Mr. Biswajit, Mr. Somardolea and some of the lead teachers. A symbolic ceremonial of light off ering has been com- pleted by fi rst Swami Shankarananda Giri and Swami Kalikananda Giri, followed by the main speakers. The consecrated ceremony united our joint intention for Divine education and wisdom. Page 12 | Monad 5 / 2017