Mommy's Time Out Magazine September 2018 - Page 20

These Mamas Are!

The Real Housewives of LWR Fantasy Football League

Alison CloughI kicked HER ass 2!!

Mindy Buckley Pigskin Princess

Susan MeyersAll Barkley All Bite

Stephany AllenTrophy Wife

Jennifer MadisonOut of Retirement

Laura NaeseSoutheast Beast

Jenn OtternessGlitz and Blitz

Valerie DeminoLadies & Edelman

Courtni DarpinoVictorious Secret

Fabiola BazanFabbieLicious

Michelle CrossWentz Upon a Time

Lisa Scott52 Shades of Clay

LWR Moms Fantasy Football League

Jennifer CrossChampagne CAMpaign

Laura AnastasiaColt Following

Rachel Hibbert Beauty & The Beasts

Christine Rahman Christine's Team

Simi Ranajee SIMply Scoring

Heather SeedHeather's Team

Shelly Bishop Baba Booey to Y'all!

Kerry Kane Forte Oz. to Freedom

Tina Jiva The Jivaneers

Alex Rados Tenn Tennacious A

Jessica Gurney English Rookie

Christine Morales America's Fantasy Team