Mommy's Time Out Magazine September 2018 - Page 16


with Rebecca Gurski

seashell "zoo"

Like many Florida families, a we enjoy going to a number of different beaches and collecting tons of seashells each time. Unfortunately, these shells end up tossed in a bucket or tub and pretty much forgotten. So, we decided to give them new life by turning them into different animals and plants!

You will need:

A number of different shells, found or store-bought

Tacky, quick-drying glue (or in our case, hot glue gun)

Polymer clay (optional)

Small brush for glue

Beads and/or googly eyes

How to:

1. Lay out all of your shells and experiment with different combinations to come up with animal or plant shapes before gluing everything into place. ( Unique looking shells might inspire a particular kind of creature, such as the spiky spiral one we used for our chameleon eye).

2. Use small bits of polymer clay to test out various arrangements. For assembly, a tacky, quick drying glue works best, or adults can handle the hot glue gun. Build heads and bodies separately. Before joining larger parts, use a brush to glue on small parts (like beads for eyes) and clay to support creatures while glue dries.

3. Display and enjoy!

We had a blast making our chameleon, flower, sea turtle, koala, and puppy. Have fun creating your own zoo!