Mommy's Time Out Magazine September 2018 - Page 10

with Jill Bennett


Painting Crafts that Won’t Mess Up Your House!

It’s no secret that my OCD kicks into overdrive when it comes to arts and crafts. And of course there’s nothing more thrilling to a preschooler than paint! So here are my two fool proof art activities that will let your kiddos play with their beloved paints without leaving your whole house covered!

Marble Art

My eldest first did this craft at summer camp a few years back I thought it was genius!

What you need:

A cardboard box



An old muffin tin or cupcake liners

I like using a muffin tin because there’s less chance of spillage, but if you don’t have one around you’re willing to sacrifice then cupcake liners will do! Pour a bit of paint in each (kiddo gets to choose the colors!) and drop the marble in. If using a tin, give it a little swirl to coat the marble. Place a piece of sturdy construction paper of card stock in the bottom of the cardboard box. Drop a paint coated marble in the box and roll the box around. I recommend waiting a minute or two in between each color. Repeat as often as your kiddo wishes to complete their artwork!

DIY Spin Art

This is one of my favorite activities because I remember loving spin art as a kid!

What you need:

A salad spinner (you can get a small plastic one for a few bucks on Amazon)

Card stock


Glitter (optional)

Use the bottom of the salad spinner basket to trace a circle on your card stock. (You definitely need card stock or heavy construction paper for this one, lightweight paper is more likely to shift once you start spinning!) Place your cut out in the basket and put it back in the spinner. Have your kiddo squirt a small amount of paint (any number of colors) onto the center of the card stock. I recommend starting small, they can always add more! Close the lid and have them spin! (The spinning is the best part!) Then they can add more paint, or if they’re happy with their masterpiece they can sprinkle on a little glitter and spin again to disperse!

Viola! Paint masterpieces with no mess!