Mommy's Time Out Magazine September 2017 - Page 20

Hello Friends,

Lauren is doing well. Her monthly steroids and daily oral chemo were bumped up slightly at her last appointment because she gained a little weight. Her numbers were great and I am hoping that they will still be within range when we go back to clinic in a few weeks.

I feel like time is flying by these days, which was so different than last year when we were always at the hospital or clinic. I am really trying to enjoy this time with Lauren and make up for lost time. It's so good to be able to be a little bit more "normal" although I am still very cautious with germs.

September is pediatric cancer awareness month and we are looking forward to attending a few events and raising awareness for pediatric cancer. Thank you everyone for all your support.



We have had a very fun and normal and exciting August! McKinley took her last oral chemo pill on August 3. So she is officially done with treatment but we still go and get blood checks monthly. Which is fine by me. I was a nervous wreck on our first blood check in late August & I'm not sure it'll ever get easier. Everything came back good & we'll go back in September. Less than a week after taking her last chemo medication I could already see changes in her. It breaks my heart to realize how much pain or discomfort she had been in for the past 2+ years. She was almost immediately eating better, happier, more many things that I didn't realize she "wasn't" because it grew to be our normal. She started school (VPK) and was so excited to leave me and be with her friends. Something that never would've happened while she was taking her meds. NO TEARS on the first day of school & ok leaving my side. It truly was a different child. She has started a little dance class & is loving every minute of it. I'm enjoying having this new lease on life & getting back to the gym & seeing her just be a kid. I pray things stay calm & healthy. And thank you as always for continuing to keep McKinley in your thoughts & prayers.