Mommy's Time Out Magazine July 2017 - Page 2


Happy 4th of July mamas! I hope everyone is celebrating and enjoying the beginning of this month. I am happy to officially take on my role as the Moms Club President. Thank you to Jill and all of the board members for their hard work these past few years!

I’d like to introduce myself to the moms who don’t know me. My name is Victoria Dominguez. I am a Jersey girl, born and raised, until my highly anticipated move to Florida last July 2016. I have one child of my own (1.5 years old) and one step son (16 years old). I was a High School Spanish teacher and coach until moving here last summer. Now I am a business owner with my husband and hopefully a licensed Real Estate agent by the end of the month!

Many of my friends have asked me why in the world would I want to take on this large of a commitment knowing all that I have going on. I want to be very clear on my reasoning. I have met the MOST INCREDIBLE MOMS EVER through this club in the 1 year that I have been down here. I have made best friends, customers, mentors, you name it! All because I joined this group. So that is why I wanted to put a year of my life into helping the growth and development of this awesome group. We are a sisterhood, good bad and ugly! In hard times, we come together and help each other out. In good times we celebrate, and I know a bunch of moms in here that are down to celebrate with me!!

I look forward to an amazing

year full of growth, happiness

and the betterment

of our awesome club!