Mommy's Time Out Magazine July 2017 - Page 16


Hello Friends,

Lauren has had a good month.  I am typing this update as we are getting ready to take a MUCH NEEDED family vacation. We are staying close and spending the week at the beach but it is the first overnight that we have done since Lauren's leukemia diagnosis in March 2016. Lauren has been feeling well. She's been a little pickier with her eating and it's hard to tell if it's a side effect of the chemo or just being a 4 year old. She will tell me she's hungry and I name ten things that I know that she likes and she doesn't want any of them. They say chemo changes your taste buds. Other than that she is doing great. Her hair is starting to come back and it has a mind of its own. It can't be tamed! We all love it though. It's funny we were somewhere the other day and someone said "oh you got her hair cut short for the summer" and I just smiled. I feel like we have worked so hard to get her hair to come back and waited so long I am NEVER going to cut it.

Lauren is about to start her monthly dose of steroids and we go to clinic every 4 weeks for IV chemo. Starting at the end of the month her spinal taps drop off to once every 3 months. This will be the first time since diagnosis that she will have a 2 month break going under anesthesia. I think our count is over 20 times going under anesthesia and it never gets easier.  I just keep reminding myself that this is all temporary and a necessary evil to make sure that the leukemia stays away forever.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and thank you again so much for all of your support!