Mommy's Time Out Magazine February 2017 - Page 21

McKinley has had a rought start to the new year. She has been fighting low-grade fevers and we went in to see if she can restart her oral chemo. I have been a nervous wreck.

We found out at the clinic that her counts were still low so she remains on oral chemo hold. With a lump in my throat & pit in my stomach, I knew we'd be back with a fever. My little bold & brave superhero woke up from her nap and spiked a fever 101. That's automatic to the ER. Her counts were obviously still low (under 500) so we were admitted. I have been waiting to update as I didn't have many answers and have been a bit of a mess but I'm feeling somewhat better. She's clearly sick with a virus of something (snotty, cough, etc) so THAT is what is causing the low counts...nothing else. {I'm praying that}.

She was given a chest X-ray to make sure it wasn't pneumonia and was given another immunoglobulin infusion (IVIG)...a blood product used to boost the immune system. The caveat to IVIG is that it did cause a fever the last time she had the infusion.

All prayers for my sweet girl are welcome. She is feeling much better and all in all in pretty good spirits. Thank you for your continued love & support. This journey is anything but calm or consistent. Xo

McKinley had been begging to go home since waking up from her 3 & 1/2 hour nap in tears. So when we got to BUST out, she was more than happy to help with our wagon full of bags (which says a lot cause she always wants to be held in that building). THANK YOU for your prayers...this has been our shortest hospital stay yet & im praying we don't have another any time soon.

Thank you thank you thank you!