Mommy's Time Out Magazine February 2017 - Page 20


Hello Friends!

Lauren has had a pretty good month. She just finished her last dose of IV chemo for this final phase before she starts Maintenance. She has tolerated this round fairly well and we are all so thankful for that. She has a much needed and well deserved 2 week break so her counts can recover and then she is scheduled to start the final phase of her treatment called Maintenance.

When she was first diagnosed last March with Leukemia Maintenance seemed SO FAR AWAY. Now we are so close and continuing to move forward and cross days off the calendar until we will be completely DONE with treatment in July 2018. It still feels like a long time away but I am really hoping the worst of it is behind us.

Starting in February, Lauren will only need to go to the outpatient clinic at All Children's once a month for IV chemo and a lumbar puncture. All of her other chemo will be daily in the form of pills. This is a major change from what we have been used to this past year and I am looking forward to more time at home and hopefully breaking out of our bubble more and seeing more of our friends.

Her home meds will also include monthly steroids for 5 days at a time. Not looking forward to that part but I keep telling myself 5 days is nothing compared to when she was on steroids for 30 days that first month of treatment. We will get through this. Not only is Maintenance starting but Lauren is also turning 4 this month. We have a lot to celebrate with this birthday!!

Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers and for all of your support. It is so appreciated!

xoxo, Shawna