Momentum Magazine September 2018 Edition - Page 2

President’s Message Belong in g & G at he rin g In previous reports, I mentioned an interesting white paper created by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives – an industry group that is connected to chambers of commerce across North America. The communiqué is called “The Horizon Initiative,” and it speaks to the infl uences facing chambers of commerce in this ever- changing world in which we and our members operate. One particularly challenging issue is that of “Belonging and Gathering.” The topic focuses on a number of elements, including the fact that emerging professionals have grown up in very different social environments than those of us in the “Baby Boomer” age. These younger business people have different views of how they want to network, not only with a focus on technology, but also how, where and when they want to meet in person. Our response to this question has been to test some new approaches to our business-to-business activities. I think many of you have recognized those changes in the formats of our last two Annual Dinners, the Empower conference and our “Meet Up” events – in which we have broken with traditions and focused in interactive, engaging formats, with positive results. The next chapter in this evolution is featured in our cover story: Scranton YP, a program to be run by and for our region’s young professionals. The basic concept has, of course, been employed before with periodic success. We feel confi dent that the energetic, creative and talented individuals who represent this current generation will promote the types of fun, engaging and valuable networking activities that will resonate with their peers. If you are one of the talented under-40 professionals in our community and want to be a part of these efforts – give it a try! UPCOMING EVENTS LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTATION The Shoppes at Montage TUESDAY, SEPT. 11, 2018 • 11:30 - 1:00PM Impostor Syndrome DR. LAUREN HAZZOURI WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2018 Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Business Card Exchange September, 27 • 5:00- 7:00 pm NTRAL 2018 FRINGE CE EATRE TH D THE LEONAR UE EN AV S ADAM RANTON DOWNTOWN SC Now you’ll have to excuse me, I must fi gure out how to change the message on my fl ip-phone… L AUNCH E V E NT 2 • The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2018 AV Restaurant & Lounge