Momentum Magazine October 2018 Edition - Page 5

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESS? I want to help people stay safe and feel empowered. I always say that what I do is not martial arts—it is teaching people of all ages and all walks of life to become their own fi rst line of defense. I host classes for all ages, from children to senior citizens. I also host women-only, co-ed and weapon defense classes, all with realistic role play and scenario-based training Robert Thomas WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT DOING BUSINESS LOCALLY? I like doing business in the greater Scranton region because it’s my home and what I do is completely unique to the area. I’m proud to bring these programs to this area—this type of reality-based self defense and empowerment personal protection is taught elsewhere nationwide, but my staff and I are the fi rst to bring it to northeast Pennsylvania. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE CHAMBER? Tsunami Self Defense Systems Taylor, PA Member since 2018 I wanted to become a member of The Chamber because of the support, guidance and respect it brings to area businesses. In my opinion, any business that is in the Chamber instantly becomes more credible. In addition, the support as a new business is outstanding and the networking opportunities are unmatched in the region.