Momentum Magazine May 2018 Edition - Page 5

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE VIDEOS. Putting engaging video content on your page is more important than ever as longer-length videos with higher completion rates rank higher. Creating and using engaging videos in your digital marketing plan should be a staple. Optimize your video titles and descriptions to include keywords that are relevant to keep people engaged. UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE. Facebook wants businesses to put out reliable content. With the rise of “fake news,” Facebook is constantly trying to debunk unreliable or low-quality links. This means that if your links are hitting a landing page that does not incorporate the same type of copy and keywords that you are posting on social media, it will rank lower in feeds. Your content should always match your website. If it doesn’t relate to your business, it doesn’t really matter. AMANDA HOPRICH Marketing Director Viewmont Mall In case you haven’t noticed, Facebook has once again changed how you see content in your news feed. In this month’s Ask the Expert, Amanda Hoprich shares some tips on how marketers can help ensure their content gets seen. FRESH FACES Dawn Hansen FORGET CHEAP TRICKS. We have all done it — engagement is low, so we throw up a poll or a “share to win” post. Facebook is becoming more effi cient in recognizing and devaluing this copy. Historically, people love to share their opinions and this was an easy way to get people to engage. It’s always fun to post opinion polls, but know that this tactic won’t get the engagement it once did. KEEP ON KEEPING ON. Your business is unique and has its own place in the digital world. There is no cookie cutter way to side step algorithms and ensure incredible engagement. Just continue being creative and working hard at growing your personal digital footprint. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESS? I always knew I wanted to have my own business, but it was a matter of fi guring out what I wanted to do. When I was presented with the opportunity to become a public adjuster, it seemed to be a perfect fi t. Being a public adjuster gives me the chance to get to know people and to help them in an area where most people can’t. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT DOING BUSINESS LOCALLY? Being able to meet people and discover more about who they are is one of the best parts about doing business locally. I also enjoy the opportunity of connecting people with other local businesses to help them with other needs. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE CHAMBER? The Hansen Group/Metro Public Adjustment Clarks Summit, PA Member since 2016 I joined the Chamber because it is a well-known organization that provides a variety of opportunities to grow your business and to share your business with others. I also felt it was a great way to meet many trusted local professionals in various industries and develop relationships with them in an effort to better serve clients in our area. • 5