Momentum Magazine May 2018 Edition - Page 10

Taking Care Community of the the of TLC Dental fi lls void in Scranton’s South Side When a patient in a dire situation arrived at TLC Dental, owner and hygienist Tracy-Lyn Casey knew that she had to take action. “He was told he would lose all of his teeth, but was so fearful about coming to this offi ce,” she recalled. “You wouldn’t believe his smile now. He was the most challenging perio case I have ever done, and I am so proud of him.” It is this desire to go the extra mile for her patients that inspired Ms. Casey to take over the South Scranton-based practice. Since its opening in 2013, TLC Dental Services has grown to serve about 3,000 patients. Involved in every aspect of patient care, Ms. Casey works with a variety of insurances, including national and state, to help provide coverage to as many people as possible. The practice also maintains a diverse staff, including Spanish-speaking staff members to accommodate every patient and ensure effective communication. “A lot of patients have had bad experiences at the dentist; they really need someone to hold their hand and walk them through the process,” Ms. Casey said. “I am happy to be that person for them.” The practice includes four dentists on staff and because it is expanding so 10 • The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce rapidly, Ms. Casey plans on expanding her offi ces starting next month. The expansion will include entering the space immediately next-door and adding three dental chairs, offi ce space, and handicapped-accessible restrooms. The expansion is set for completion this fall. “We have a lot of folks that come in who are in a desperate situation, in pain or missing teeth, and who have no confi dence,” Ms. Casey said. “I am here to help them ease their fears, work with their insurances, and get them smiling again with the resources they have. This is an underserved location, and I am excited to be the one who gets to help give our patients the care they need and deserve.” For more information: TLC Dental | (570) 346-6966 703 Cedar Avene Scranton, PA