Momentum Magazine March 2019 Edition - Page 4

SOUTH SIDE FLORAL SHOP SCRANTON, PA MEMBER SINCE 2002 WWW.SOUTHSIDEFLORALSHOP.COM If flowers are love’s truest language, then the South Side Floral Shop in Scranton is the perfect place for anyone wishing to convey what words cannot properly express. The family-owned business, now in its 95th year, has been a go-to source for local floral needs for generations. Owners Mari Jane and Jake Stankowski attribute their business’s success to the loving care they put into each and every arrangement they create. Meet the South Side Floral Shop… Could you tell us about how your business has grown over the years? My grandfather started this business in 1924 and then my father, Leon, took over. My brother, Jake, and I are the third generation to own it. When it began, our business did both floral arrangements as well as landscaping; in fact, my grandfather had the contract to landscape Memorial Stadium, as well as several local schools. My father was given the original contract for the pools at Nay Aug, as well as other local projects. Currently, we focus on the floral side of the business, although we do have a greenhouse that we use to grow bedding flowers for Memorial Day. Why is it important to shop with your local florist? Shopping locally keeps business in our area, which in turn helps our community. Local businesses always give back to the community in one way or another. We are often contacted to donate an arrangement or gift certificate for various fundraisers. What advice do you have for customers who want to order an arrangement from you? Order early, especially if you are looking for something special. This area had many wholesale florists in the 1960s, so if we needed something, we could run over and pick up what we need. Now we get our flowers from Bloomsburg or New Jersey, so we have to order by 6 p.m. to have them by the next morning. When you buy from a florist, you get a fresher product, we deliver, and we stand by our product. THE CHAMBER HAS BEEN A SOURCE OF BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING FOR US. CHAMBER MEMBERS SUPPORT EACH OTHER Why did you decide to join the Chamber? The Chamber has been a source of business and advertising for us. Chamber members support each other—and the fact that they help bring new businesses into the area increases our exposure to potential customers. GET IN THE SPOTLIGHT! Every month, The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce features a member small business in the Small Business Spotlight. Don’t miss your chance to be seen! Visit to apply for membership or to fill out a Small Business Spotlight application today! VIEWMONT MALL APRIL 2, 2019 2019 EXPOS MOHEGAN SUN POCONO: CASINO APRIL 4, 2019 2 EVENTS 2 TIMES THE OPPORTUNITY 1 GREAT PRICE! 4 • The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce