Momentum Magazine July 2018 Edition - Page 5

BUILDING A BRAND IS LIKE BUILDING A HOUSE CHRISTINE LARSEN BROWN Creative Pinnacle In many ways, marketing is like building a house — it goes beyond a logo and a website. You need a plan that includes short and long-term goals, and strategies that will attract new customers as well as encourage loyalty, reviews and long-term relationships from your current customer base. In this month’s “Ask the Expert,” Christine Larsen Brown of Creative Pinnacle shares tips and tricks on how your business can build its marketing house. FRESH FACES Kelly Menichiello BUILD YOUR BRAND Today, having a business without a website is like having a store in the middle of a city with no sign on the door. If you don’t have a website, or if your website can’t be found, your business just won’t exist or be found by a vast number of potential customers. Even when referred, most new contacts will still check a company’s website before they ever walk in the door or make an appointment. Don’t forget, if your website is not mobile-friendly, your company may not even appear in mobile search results. MAKE YOUR PLAN, WORK YOUR PLAN Without a building plan, a house would come crumbling down, and your marketing strategy will as well. Ask yourself: Which social or media platforms do we want to be active on? What kind of content can we provide? Create a plan, brainstorm ideas — just don’t go in blindly. Just as the budget for a home dictates what materials you can use, your marketing budget is the same. Be honest with yourself and ask, “Can I achieve my plan with the time, people and money I have?” If you fi nd that your strategy is not working to achieve the goals you have set, look at what your marketing data is telling you and decide what needs to change. STAY THE COURSE Once you start executing your strategy, make sure the content you share, and the marketing activities you participate in refl ect the goals and ideas of your brand. At its core, marketing is a plan — a strategic plan. All good things take time. Once you start marketing your business, prepare to stay the course, set attainable goals at a realistic budget, and keep a dynamic, but consistent, presence. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESS? I have worked in the fi tness industry for more than 23 years, and discovered that people wanted the option of having a health and wellness program available at work. We are all so busy at work and at home that we often don’t have time to take care of our own needs. I decided to create my business to give people that option, as well as provide an opportunity for accountability. We all deserve to look forward to every day, not just Fridays. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT DOING BUSINESS LOCALLY? I grew up here, went away for college, and returned to raise my family. Northeastern Pennsylvania is a great place to raise a child, and my goal is to give back to the area by helping to inspire a healthy community. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE CHAMBER? CorpFitnessInc - Clarks Summit, PA Member since 2017 I heard many great things about the Chamber and decided it would be a great fi t for me and my business. I am not a salesperson and I wanted a better way to connect with the community. The Chamber staff is very helpful and friendly. I enjoy the events because they are well-planned and well- executed. I look forward to remaining active and have enjoyed my membership immensely so far! • 5