Momentum Magazine February 2018 Edition - Page 9

Pennsylvania Medical Solutions to Locate in Scranton Scranton will soon become the fi rst municipality in Lackawanna County to host a medical marijuana pharmaceutical enterprise, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The department’s Offi ce of Medical Marijuana announced the fi rst 12 growing/processing permits in the Commonwealth on Tuesday and a permit was awarded to Pennsylvania Medical Solutions LLC. Its facility is planned for Rosanna Avenue, in Scranton’s Green Ridge section, and will employ approximately 30 people. Pennsylvania Medical Solutions’ parent company is Vireo Health, which has subsidiaries in New York and Minnesota. A physician-led company, Vireo Health both cultivates and manufactures pharmaceutical-grade marijuana. Vireo Health is a member of The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce. “Clearly we are entering a new age with respect to the emerging Medical Marijuana industry,” said Bob Durkin, president, The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce. “We are pleased that a respected organization like Pennsylvania Medical Solutions has chosen to establish this operation – with its quality jobs and commitment to community, right here in Scranton.” NEARLY 100 NEW WORKERS For Flushing, New York-based Crystal Window and Door Systems, its expansion into Benton Township happened because of its location. “There is nothing in the New York Metro area that matches the scale of our new 226-acre, 336,000 sq. ft. facility in Benton Township,” said Steve Chen, chief operating offi cer of Crystal Window and Door Systems. “Our plant in Northeast Pennsylvania has great access to highways so we can move products to market easily. Round trip to New York City, Philadelphia, upstate New York, and other major metropolitan areas in one day is very manageable.” “Operating costs, construction costs, energy costs, and regulatory costs are also signifi cantly less in Northeast Pennsylvania,” he continued. “The supportive business economic development climate focused on manufacturing has made it easy to start up and expand. The outstanding labor pool demonstrates strong work ethics, experience, education, and skills, and we are pleased to have added nearly 100 new local workers in the past two years.” “Operating costs, construction costs, energy costs, and regulatory cos ts are also signifi cantly less in Northeast Pennsylvania,” The Chamber expects this trend to continue due to changes in both New York and New Jersey minimum wage laws and an increasingly favorable business climate in northeast Pennsylvania. “The proposed increase in minimum wage, property taxes and availability of real estate in New York and New Jersey is a consistent message we are hearing from companies looking at a location in northeastern Pennsylvania,” said Bruce Reddock, an economic development specialist with The Chamber. “The Greater Scranton region’s pro-business climate, complemented by our competitive business costs, quality of life and ample labor supply are the factors putting us at the forefront of the site selection evaluation.” Mr. Reddock also suggests that our region can continue to attract outside businesses by remaining adaptable and innovative in producing a strong workforce. The Chamber remains committed to its mission of attracting, sustaining and growing jobs in northeast Pennsylvania, and actively recruits businesses to locate in this region. For more information, visit or www. • 9