Momentum Magazine December 2018 Edition - Page 5

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESS? I have wanted to open a Kumon center for a long time now. I started out as a Kumon student when I was in 7th grade and stuck with it for four years. When I took geometry and higher math courses in high school, I realized I had a huge advantage over my peers. Understanding new concepts came easily to me, and I was able to calculate solutions to problems mentally. When my classmates had to use their calculators to fi nd the square root of a number, I could blurt the answer right out. The work skills and confi dence I gained from the Kumon method also made studying for the SAT, and eventually the GMAT, signifi cantly easier as well. Additionally, the Kumon program taught me essential life skills, including time management and the importance of consistency. Just as becoming a star athlete requires daily practice, learning new academic material also requires continuous practice. Because of my positive experience with the Kumon math and reading programs, I decided the next best step for me would be to share it with members of my new community. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT DOING BUSINESS LOCALLY? The children of our community are our future. I believe that being able to help develop and cultivate the future of the greater Scranton region is inspiring and worthy. It’s an honor to watch my students grow and become independent individuals who will contribute to the greater good of the place we all call home. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE CHAMBER? Rati Kanani Kumon Math and Reading Center of Clarks Summit Member since 2018  I joined the Chamber for several reasons. First, I’m not only new to the Scranton area, but I’m also new to Pennsylvania. Joining the Chamber seemed like a great way to network and get to know people and businesses in my new neighborhood. Also, I honestly believe that I can be valuable to the Chamber both as a resource and as a volunteer. It brings me great joy to participate in community service initiatives, and I also have job opportunities available at my center. Working at a Kumon center is an excellent experience for anyone interested in teaching or working with children. It’s quite rewarding to be able to help students become successful, no matter where they are in their academic journey. RYAN HERTEL Socialocca Any business that’s truly succeeding today is using Instagram. With constantly changing algorithms depleting the amount of attention your posts organically receive, brands are looking for dependable tips and tricks to get their posts seen by more and more people. Ryan Hertel of Socialocca provides us with some tips to increase Instagram visibility in this month’s Ask The Expert. Post Frequently It might seem obvious, but posting more content on Instagram is one of the most important practices to increase engagement. Studies are showing that posting once per day (be sure not to overdo it) is optimum, and the top social media agencies are recommending this as well. You can even look into your Instagram insights (you need to be a “business profi le” to do this) and monitor what time of day is best to post by observing when your followers are most active! Content is truly king. Like for a Like No, we don’t mean to use the #likeforalike hashtag that you did when you fi rst started Instagramming and wanted to increase your photo likes. We mean to, quite literally, like photos in your feed and they’ll be more likely to like yours in return! Instagram rewards users who engage with others in the app by putting that user’s photos in front of others. Comment. Follow. Engage. After you’ve “liked” a fair amount of your friends’ photos, add “commenting” and “following” to your immediate “to-do” list. Be sure to take the time to comment on photos you fi nd cool, interesting or that complement your brand, and follow other engaging users who would be interested in your brand. Quality > Quantity Yes, we did say to post on Instagram once per day, but you don’t want the quality of your posts to slide as a result of digging for more content. With how quickly phone camera technology is advancing, there’s no reason to post blurry or pixilated pictures on your professional Instagram account. Take the time to properly light and stage your photos, fi nd the best editing apps, and put the time in on the post-production end of things. Use Varying Hashtags There’s a new obstacle diminishing post interaction for many users more and more every day. Yes, unfortunately, the rumors of “shadow-ban” are true. Using the same hashtags on your photos over and over can cause your photos to eventually not show up under those select hashtags. You can easily avoid shadow-ban by using varying hashtags per post. For example, when posting food pics, use food-related hashtags. • 5