MOI magazine Dec/Jan/Feb 2018-2019 Issuu - Page 24

Taylor Swift Invades New Orleans If ever there was a definition of what a modern stadium tour is, Taylor Swift has take those ideas a completely turned them on their ear. Swift recently came through the Mercedes-Bendz Superdome with her Reputation tour. The dome was her last stop of her current US tour. Swift was in awe of the space and lamented that this being her first time playing New Orleans. Topping this off, she now has the distinct pleasure of being the top selling solo female artist to play in the dome. Swift and company have their show down to an art. With practically every aspect of the show telegraphed, Swift was able to make things look beyond effortless. The show consisted of several “acts” that corresponded with a theme and costume change. The show grew and grew and climaxed with a mini fireworks show, that completed the whole experience. In a lot of ways this tour is a culmination if anti ideas that have been waged against Swift throughout the years. She really does enjoy proving all her critics wrong and this tour is that experience. Even if you weren’t a fan of her music, the show itself made you forget about it Editor & Photographer: Steve Hatley 24