Mohegan Sun September Hotlist - Page 5

? t r e p x e r e e b a u o y e r . t A u o d n fi o t z i u q s i h t e Tak 2. IPA STANDS FOR: A. Idaho Pale Ale B. India Pale Ale C. International Pilsner Association D. Individually Produced Ale 3. WHICH OF THESE IS AN IMPORTED BEER? A. Blue Moon B. Busch C. Corona D. Pabst Blue Ribbon 4. WHICH OF THESE TYPES OF BEER USES BOTTOM FERMENTATION? A. Lager B. Ale 5. WHAT PART OF A BEER DOES THE TERM “HEAD” REFER TO? A. Color B. Bottleneck C. Bitterness D. Foam 6. TRUE OR FALSE: YUENGLING IS THE LARGEST CRAFT BREWERY IN AMERICA. True False 7. WHAT IS A COMMON CHARACTERISTIC OF SESSION BEERS? A. Seasonal B. Made in small quantities C. Lower alcohol content D. Dark color 8. BEER COLOR IS DETERMINED BY: A. Malt B. Hops C. Yeast D. Sugar content 9. THE DENSER A BEER IS, THE ______ ALCOHOL IT CONTAINS. A. More B. Less 10. ABV STANDS FOR: A. Alcohol Borne Viruses B. Accredited Beer Vendor C. Absolute Bottle Volume D. Alcohol by Volume Answer Key: 1.True, 2.B, 3.C, 4.A, 5.D, 6.True, 7.C, 8.A, 9.B, 10.D 1. TRUE OR FALSE: SOUR BEER IS THE OLDEST TYPE OF BEER IN THE WORLD. True False