Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 8

Snapshot of the Mexico Tango Music Scene Miguel Garcia Orquesta Mexicana Tango The tango scene in Mexico is mostly Gardelian. Since the early decades of the twentieth century, the Gardel phenomenon found a home in Mexico, as it did in almost all Spanish-speaking countries. The importance of beginning is not lost among regular listeners of the River Plate music in Mexico, which has resulted in a preference sung tango compared to other forms. Later, the immigration of Argentines and their distinguished music and films enriched the range of styles and preferences of tango reaching the Mexican audience. The taste for instrumental tango is fairly recent, by comparison. The arrival in Mexico of a spectrum of tango music, from the Canaro brothers, through Mariano Mores to Piazzolla and Pugliese, had much to do with the predilection of the public taste for tango. These were exceptional moments in our country’s history. There is a natural mutual admiration between tango musicians and Mexican musicians. As an example, see the album Tango in Mexico, with invaluable work of Gastón Martinez Matiella. Some musicians left, others came, some stayed and remains here today. There are many Mexican artists engaged in the culture of tango, There are also many Rio Plate artists who have stopped in Mexico enrichinh the urban music in our land. This has has preserve tngo’s traditions while remains true to the corrent times. But, the subject of this article is not the history of tango in Mexico. I leave that subject to music historians.These lines of text are intended to review of the tango ensembles and assemblies which constitute the current scene in Mexico — a kind of snapshot of tango as it is currently in our country. I won’t deal lyricists and composers, as the list would grow beyond what these pages could contain. Instead, I will focus only on those tango artists who frequently participate in shows, milongas, concerts or festivals. —6— To Subscribe, Click here Gitanguero