Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 49

Letters to the Editor Thank you! — Juliati Boudoir The previous number had also a musician on the cover, and also a man, and also with a hat. I think we should put a dancing couple this time... — Alexandru Eugen Cristea This issue has Catherine Ringer of Plaza Francia. We are the only magazine that features living tango musicians. All of the other tango magazines feature dancers on their cover, except TyC. But, they only have band leaders from the 30s & 40s. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and views on tango! Please consider adding Montreal, Canada in your american tour. — Obroa Skai We have! Please look forward to a special issue on Montreal coming in the Fall, 2016. Yey!!! — Julia Juliati Come to El Paso next time! Milongas on Saturday nights, then up to ABQ and Denver! — Cynthia Gamez I want to read it — Allyson Manta Well, its available ON-LINE and IN-PRINT. You can subscribe here. This is great!!! Thanks!!! — Veronica Riafrecha Wow ! — Mario Rinald Thanks - I just got the magasin.... Still too few know of your good work — ­ Ralph Fehderau Muy informativa, la leí completa, Congratulations!!! — Mirra Torres Bonn I am very happy that there is someone that created something so necessary and interesting as the Modern World Tango. — Anna Pietruszewska Gracias. Lo difundiré entre mis amigos. Mucha suerte! Sorry, we missed you. Next Time! Holaaa! Hey guys nice schedule, let me know if you are in Mexico city in December and i’ll let my peeps you coming down to Guadalajara as well, you might like Durango tango style too! enjoy and be safe! Abrazos! Chema Pandal Mexico City was fantastic! This special issue is testimony the great tango scene, there. Yeah Congratulations Congrats — Olga Besio Hola!!! Thank you Raymond!!! — Carlos Rivarola You do a great job. Thx! — Vasilis Psomos Congratulations on all this achievement !! Fuerte Abrazo — Alfredo Torres Romo — Max Thomas — Jong Kim — Maceo Mitchell — 47 — To Subscribe, Click here