Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 48

The Glide (Caminando Planeo) A very slick, slow striding walk that smoothly skims the floor, desnatado. Sliding feet across the floor along the ground, while walking. With softened knees, the leader glides across the floor, stepping ball to heel. Limp Behind (Cojear Detrás) The leader steps forward, and then rocks back before stepping forward with the other foot, and repeats. This may be done forward, backward or sideways. Hesitation Walk (Caminando Hesitación) Taking multiple steps with the same foot as the walk progresses. Such as, a very short step, a short step, a longer step, a long step, a very long step all with same foot. WARNING: This can be very confusing to the follower, if she is unprepared. Marching Walk (Paso Marcha) Metered steady walking at about 160 steps per minute. More appropriate for ballroom tango. Swivel Step (Paso Giratario) The dancer swivels on the toes as they step. Toes are out when stepping forward and turned in when trailing. May be be done by either leader or follower, Swivel Walk (Caminando Giratario) The follower walks every step with a swivel. May be backward or forward. This is not walking in cross system or ochos. It is walking such a way as to exaggerate hip movement. The Bicycle (Paso Bicecleta) A style for walking backwards, almost always for the follower. It appears that the follower is peddling a bicycle backwards. There are probably an infinite number of walking styles. When you choose a style, it is important that it is appropriate for the music being played, and that it is comfortable for both you and your partner. — 46 — To Subscribe, Click here