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During the event, give the VJ the option to develop their performance on stage. This will help your audience know that what they are enjoying is not a pre-recorded visual work. Show some love! Do not be shy. Give a compliment to your VJ! Treat the VJ as you would treat a DJ, keeping in mind that it is a live video performance and they are busy mixing. Give them drinks, food, tickets for friends, etc. If appropriate, give them full access stage passes. You don’t want the VJ to be locked out because of access problems with security! Make sure the press is aware that your VJ is a artist performing at your event and not part of the technical team as it is often misunderstood. This will allow your event to be documented in a special way. After the event, pay your VJ before or on the day of the event. Mention the VJ in any documentation of the event, such as on your website! Do not forget that a VJ develops the performance for your event. It is something to celebrate. Spread the word: You know how amazing the visuals were! Be clear and concise about the financial arrangements that you intend. Whether its a paid or free event, take the time to inform everyone about it. Do not be surprised if your VJ asks you to be paid, even if you are friends. Otros Aires in Bonn Make sure both are on the same page! This will allow the fees to be determined more precisely. Depending on the event, the VJ prices may range between 200 euros to S,000. euros or more per event, Of course, this depends on the type of work you’re asking for. Pay attention to the specifications. Be prepared to talk them out. For events with low or nonexistent budgets, treat the VJ like you would any other performer: A minimum pay, some drinks or tickets, tickets for their guests, pay for their espenses or travel, etc. Find ways to make your VJ happy. This applies to musicians, dancers and other perormers: Treat them like one of your own. Again, Show some love! Be clear about the amount of time in which you expect the VJ spend on performance: Is it only one set for one band, or do you expect visuals for multiple bands for an entire festival. What about the after party, intermissions, some other special. — 41 — To Subscribe, Click here Performance at Teotihuacan Pyramid, Mexico