Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 42

VJing & DJing ZARAH CABANAS (Lady Firefly) I am a tanguera. A tango dancer, A VJ Manifesto teacher, djane, journalist and story writer. A passionate tango lover, an addict, an admirer. At my first milonga back in 2003, I got This manifesto has been circulated among the VJ community around the world. It is a declaration, a sort hooked instantly. But, I would continued if perform my teachers of ‘Bill of Rights’ for VJs, irrespective of thenot kindhave of music they play or with. Thishad copynot wasplayed proGotan Project’s first CD in one of their lessons. Since then, my focus is on modern vided by Dan Chelger, a blues DJ from Buenos Aires. It was written by VJ Zarah Cabanas (Lady Firefly) tango as a user. dancer and as a DJ. in 2009,both a modul8 See Translation from Spanish by Raymond Lauzzana. A VJ is visualist, a visualizer, a projectionist that mixes Don’t skimp on this, they will work hard at your live video, a performance artist. They are not videog- event.They need referrals from previous work.They raphers or filmmakers. deserve your support. We are performative artists who mix live video cre- Hire your VJ before doing a press announcement. If ations with music, with our hands on equipment, and it is too late, send out a second batch of announceour eyes on the audience and the projection screen. ments, with your VJ on the list of artists. As the night unfolds, our performance comes alive. If you don’t know where to put your VJ on the flyer, put the VJs with the DJs or give them a special line credit. Ask your VJ what they want to be published. Depending on the type of event, some prefer to use alternative titles to VJ, such as visualizador. If the VJ is part of the band, take care that everyone knows that the band includes a VJ! Make special note! Inform the press of the VJ so they Visualization by Alejando Delgado cover and photograph accordingly. Curators, promoters, musicians, artistic collaborators, producers, curious minds may want to work with a We should not even need to point this out. But, VJ. Here some simple basics to consider. if you want a introduce the ѥ́ѼѡȄ1Ёѡ)Y(%Ё́ݸѼ)Ёѡ́ݽɬQѡȁѡ䁵ѡ)͡܁Mѥʹѥ́ٔ)Y)́ɔəɵѥ̰Ё)̰̰ͥݡݥəɴȁݥѠٔ٥Յ̸Qɔ)̰ͥȱ́ьQ䁅ɔЁѡ͡܁ɵѥѡЁѡ䁡ٕѡѕȸQ́)ѡٕЁ́́Ս%YQ!4 I%PѼɕ䁍ɕѥٔɅѥ̸)M܁ͽٔ)䰁ՑɅ̰٥ᅵ̰ѥ ɔѡٕаՑȁY(̰̰)̰ݕͥѕ̰ьݥѠѥЁɵѥȁٕи)ݕͥѕ̰ͽݽɭ̰ͼѠЁ́)Q䁹ѡՉ䰁ѽ)ݽձݥѠ䁽ѡȁəɵȁЁѡٕи+PP()QMՉ͍ɥ ɔ((0