Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 40

Horacio Salgán : Modern Tango Giant On Saturday, August 20, the National Academy of Tango of Argentina, announced the death of one of the most respected greats of the tango, pianist Horacio Adolfo Salgán, who had just celebratedhis 100th birthday. Everything I did was something that I thought was the most important thing to do It was about seventy-five years of very hard work, — Horacio Salgán Salgán was born in Buenos Aires on June 15, 1916. He began piano studies at age 6 and later distinI have known him for many years, and I admire guished himself in a local classical conservatory, finhim with deep affection. For me, he is a great ishing the conservatory at the age of thirteen to figure. I am no expert. But if you ask me, I would begin a career as a pianist on radio. His professional say that the three most important historical figbreakthrough came when he was twenty and a piaures are Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla and nist with a group led by conductor Roberto Firpo. Horacio Salgán — Daniel Barenboim, composer He later served as a musician and arranger for a succession of prominent tango orchestras, includ ing one headed by the bandleader Miguel Caló. His tango arrangements were admired by musicians like Astor Piazzolla and the tango world was soon Barenboim is right. Salgán was one of the keys to to recognize him as one of the modern masters tango figures, in the holy tango trinity of Gardel, among classics. By 1970, he played at the Lincoln Piazzola and Salgán. His work as pianist, arCenter in New York and two years later at a gala at ranger and composer shines through naturally. It the Teatro Colon in Germany. has indelibly marked the tango of the twentieth century and peered into the twenty-first century My ambition, as it was when I was when I was with an original strength and advanced sound, a child and until today, has been to learn to play from its original formation with Ubaldo de Lio, the piano best. to his orchestra with the vocals of Edmundo — Horacio Salgán Rivero and the formation of Quinteto Real. — Gabriel Plaza More than a decade has past since the pianist retired from the stage. His artistic legacy, lives on in the Quinteto Real, which his son Cesare Salgán continues, documented in the film Salgán & Salgán — Caroline Neal — 38 — To Subscribe, Click here