Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 37

Quadro Nuevo: Tango There is a tender, jazzy lounge saxophone playing a song that we all know well. A piano caressing the beautiful melody, a bandoneon, a contrabass, and a grand concert harp playing Por una Cabeza. Maybe, we would expect some violins and the voice of Carlos Gardel. But no, what Quadro Nuevo play is quite different from what we may expect. That´s what happens when musicians from Munich decide to give their music a try in Buenos Aires, and get a virulent infection with the tango virus: They find their own way to interpret the tango. Of course, the Quadro Nuevo musicians already have a story. They are no newcomers. They already have played tangos before. Their early sound was rather European rather than Argentine — a bit flamenco, a bit Italiana, a bit 60s jazz. Then in 2014, they made this trip to Buenos Aires. They got in contact with the dancers, played with local musicians, talked all nights long, drank some red wine, and they were prepared for this album inspired by Buenos Aires. Mulo Francel (saxophone, clarinet, guitar), D.D. Lowka (contrabass, percussion), Andreas Hinterseher (bandoneon, accordion, vibrandoneon), Evelyn Huber (grand concert harp, salterio), and Chris Gall (Piano) play songs ranging from classical tangos, such as La Cumparsita, Por una Cabeza, Volver and El Día Que Me Quieras to new songs written by Mulo Francel, D.D. Lowka, Andreas Hinterseher and Chris Gall. There are fifteen tango and milonga interpretations with lthe playfulness of vibrant Taquito Militar by Mariano Mores and the sensitive melancholia of the beautiful El Titiritero by pianist Chris Gall. On the first take, it is strange to hear the sound of a jazzy saxophone as a lead instrument playing a tango tune. But then, it turns out to be one of the trademarks of the ensemble adding a unique color which makes the difference. For those who like lovingly designed albums, the booklet has some great photographs of the ensemble playing in Buenos Aires, atmospheric views and curious situations, and informative explanations to their songs. Not surprisingly, the album received the German Jazz Award by the German Phono Society. Overall Scoring (1-5 stars): **** Dancer´s pleasure = Listener´s pleasure Duration: 73 min. Artist´s website: — 35 — To Subscribe, Click here