Modern Tango World N° 5 (Mexico) - Page 35

Tango Movie Review Alexandru Eugen Cristea Tango Pasión Produced by Kordula Hildebrandt Screenplay by Nadja Naumann Released by Hildebrandt Film Berlin is a tango world in itself. Many consider it to be the world’s second largest tango scene after Argentina’s Rio de la Plata region.This sensitive documentary by Kordula Hildebrandt tells the story of Berlin and its tango passion like none other. The film is rough and almost brutal in some parts, sensual and full of warmth in some other parts. Tango Pasión is a masterful collection of private stories intertwined with the beautiful Berlin scenery. Like a foreigner who walks in a milonga for the first time, you begin to see and hear things that at first do not seem to have any connection. After a few minutes, each part finds its own place in the marvelous mosaic designed by Hildebrandt and by the music itself. Dancers, musicians and teachers tell their life stories.They describe how they integrate tango in their lives and express the music and dance, which sound different when put into words. This externalization only plunges the viewer to question himself in order to explore the life that we have given to the dance and its music. More than its contents, the documentary seems to have an internal rhythm of itself, like a blank verse. Sometimes, in the way each story follows the next one, the music and colors of all these separated lives that have been brought together by the love of tango. It gets to your heart and makes you not only desire to visit Berlin and be a part of its tango life, and find out more about their dance and the music. — 33 — To Subscribe, Click here